Tinus Vermeersch creates a universe with laws and proportions different from the world we know. Sometimes the drawings seem to refer to a lost civilization from the past. Archeology and original cultures inspire Vermeersch. He uses several archetypes. 
The characters are often performing an unclear act. An absurd and surrealistic layer shines through the image. 

Colourful objects float in front of a grey space. They remain of hair covering dark empty spaces. The microscopic small details don't enlarge the meaning of the forms; they are undefinable. 
The drawing represents a process. The sidebar is filled with some pencil lines. The viewer has an analytical insight in the colours used for the collection. The forms seem to belong to a bigger unit. It looks like one part is missing.

© Tinus Vermeersch, Tegumen XIII, 2011, tempera on paper, 60 x 80 cm

Land-schapes in Gallery Hopstreet, Brussels
November 10 - December 22, th - sa, 2 - 6 pm