© Hannelore Van Dijck, Le Plat Pays, charcoal floor drawing, Voorkamer, Lier, 2012

This summer I was just a few minutes too late to see the floor drawing from Hannelore Van Dijck on the opening of "Le Plat Pays" in De Voorkamer in Lier. The rain was fast. As a poetic action the weather decided after two dry weeks of working to erase the drawing in a short moment and to leave us with some black puddles. This time, it was not only the artist and the spectator who destroyed the image while observing, but nature was part of the process.

© Hannelore Van Dijck, Sea, charcoal wall drawing, Croxhapox, Ghent, 2012

Rests of black chalk on the floor stay part of the installations. In the end of the realization of the charcoal wall drawing in Croxhapox in Ghent, a black trace was left under the nose of the artist. Frank Maes wrote a beautiful text in "the Moustache" in Van Dijck's recent publication "So grün war mein Tal" (1).

 © Hannelore Van Dijck, Rain, charcoal floor drawing, Wetteren, 2011

(1) Hannelore Van Dijck, I.-XI. So grün war mein Tal. Posture Editions N°3 (2012).