© Werner Mannaers, guache, d.e.L.m. 037

Werner Mannaers defines his drawings as after studies of his paintings. The works are almost concrete in his head before he even paints them. He doesn't allow matter and materiality to lead him and he tries to exclude the accidental. 

© Werner Mannaers, guache, D.e.L.m. 001

One couldn't categorize some work as figurative or abstract, as 'It doesn't matter', according to Mannaers. Color equals form. Color is limited by itself. Just as color creates space in the work of Ellsworth Kelly and Donald Judd. 

© Werner Mannaers, guache, lOveLETTer 186

Willem Elias talked with Werner Mannaers, organized by The Drawing Incident, 
Sint-Lucas Ghent, 2013, May 8