Leen Voet starts her lecture with the words: 
I will show 142 images. I love completeness. In that sense I am a freak. 

© Leen Voet, Jardin Gregoire Drawing, pencil on paper, H 21 x W 29,7 cm (2006)

Sometimes she was working on a A4-drawing for 6 hours. To draw was a method to visualize her future paintings and to think intensively. She filled every piece of the compositions with a unique hatching. 

© Leen Voetdrawings by Leen Voet, published by Grotto & Grafische Cel, designed by Michael Bussaer & Inge Ketelers, supported by research Fund Sint-Lucas Visual Arts Ghent, 775 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm, b/w offset on Munken Lynx (2012)

Sometimes she hated the work of Felix, the empty gaze in his self-portraits. She underestimated the impact of exclusively drawing his work for two years. She lived almost the life of someone else via his work. After all she made 1 drawing of each of the 774 works of Felix De Boeck the museum sent her. The works were made respecting the same proportions as the works of De Boeck. In the first drawings the graphite was darker. Sometimes a drawing was made very quickly, sometimes painfully slowly.