Benjamin Monti is a young artist, living and working in Liège. He is represented by Galerie Nadja Vilenne. His work has been widely exhibited internationally. He recently had an exhibition at Le musée lanchelevici in La Louvière. Monti situates his own work “at the crossroads of text, graphic art and the fine arts."

 © courtesy Galerie Nadja Vilenne, Sans titre (méduse), encre de chine sur papier trouvé, 22,7 x 14,5 cm (2010)

Monti's work explores dialogues between drawing and text in the form of the graphic novel or private diary. His drawings can be seen as “suspended moments”, as fragments from stories in progress.A specialist at recycling images, he takes human beings, beast and plants out of their original context and inserts them back into the realm of the paper as strange, weightless figurants.

Sint Lucas Antwerp, Kerkstraat 45
2014, Wednesday March 19 
18:30, free entry